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Plastic Sandwich was founded in the early 1970s by Joyce Pinto. Rob Jacobs joined the company 5 years  later. The service provided a complete portfolio presentation  package for photographers, designers and ad agencies.   

At that time a portfolio consisted almost entirely  of laminated tear sheets, proofs and prints mounted and laminated to a uniform size.  In the 80s the increasing trend was for mounted transparencies mainly duped to 10x8.   This was staggeringly  expensive  for  our clients to keep an up to date folio.  The cost of a dupe plus mounting  was getting close to  £100  for  one  new image  and some clients had several portfolios to update. 

Around the end of 1999 this type of presentation made way for prints in  book form. By this time we had  already designed our print  book which is now 99% of what we do.This period in our company  has probably  been  one  of the most enjoyable.  It’s almost  irresistable to walk past our leather store without giving a loving touch to this wonderful natural product.

As   well as  the leather book,  the  sleeves etc.  are  all  custom made in house and can be any size  or format.    If help  is needed  we  are  always  available  to  discuss  our  client's requirements  in  planning  a  portfolio.  Normal  service  is  a week  to  10 days  but we will always meet a deadline.

Our  client  base includes  stars of the photographic and advertising  industry worldwide as well as film makers, corporations, PR and event organisers, architects  and  anyone whose activities or craft are best shown through the presentation of images.

Direct suppliers to Jaguar Land Rover
D&AD Membership
Sponsors of Travel Photographer of the Year
Photography by John Mac  www.johnmacphotography.com